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Can You Lose A Pound Of Fat Per Day?

British physician Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or "HCG", in combination with a specific healthy low calorie diet, grabs your extra fat deposits -- no matter where it is stored -- forcing it into the blood stream where it is burned as energy. The end result is that your "problem" fat storage areas begin to shrink, not just the "easy" fat. Dr. Simeons' patients lost both pounds and inches!

The calories you eat on the HCG diet protocol are low, typically 500 calories a day and the hcg diet plan is restrictive to prevent the fat cells from storing new fat in the adipose tissues. When HCG is combined with a very low calorie diet, the person is subsisting more on their stored fat than on what they are eating. They are burning 3500-4000 calories of stored fat daily which amounts to losing 1-2 pounds every day!

The HCG diet protocol can reset your metabolism and protects your essential fat (fat between your organs and needed body fat) and muscle tissue while restricting your caloric intake.

Top 3 HCG Diet Drops


Discount HCG Diet's HCG is manufatured in the USA in a FDA certified lab. What really stood out about this HCG is that most competing products are only made of HCG. Their HCG Plus formula has added 7 essential amino acids while other brands usually have 0-3. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and healthy tissue. They are critical to life and they have a variety of roles in your metabolism.

Years of research have gone into determining how amino acids help support individual organs and tissues throughout your body. Everything from better mental clarity to taste and even the expelling of toxins in the body. Each amino acid in their HGC Amino Plus was specifically chosen to help support the major organs while detoxifying the body and optimizing your weight loss.

The cost was almost 1/2 of other brands we reviewed! Buy HCG Amino Plus Here


HCG Diet Direct's HCG is also made in a FDA certified lab. To our suprise, we only found a handful of brands that are made in the USA. (scary if you ask me) The quailty of thier HCG is great, it has only 3 amino acids in comparision to the #1 spots 7 amino's. But still a great product.

Acording to thier website: They are blended with just the right amount Homeopathic HCG (Homeopathic makes it easier for the body to absorb) and other supporting agents such as fat burners and appetite suppressants making the Diet easier and a better experience. Cost is a little more than the winner at $79 plus shipping. Their 1 oz bottle is formulated to last 15 days.

HGC Completes HCG is also made in the USA in an FDA regulated lab. This HCG product is great. From their website:

HCG Detox is great for getting the toxins out of your body. Some places are selling it cheap and promoting it as the HCG weight loss formula which is a scary risk to the consumer. HCG Detox does not carry the necessary amino acids as the weight loss formula. If trying to do the 500 calorie diet using the HCG detox formula, one can experience significant desires to cheat, muscle loss, and a slowing of the metabolism. Within two to three months, without resetting the metabolism, the weight can come back. So if you are looking to save money, remember, you really do get what you pay for, especially in such a competitive field as weight loss. There are sites providing hCG with two or three ounces for a 26 day plan. We haven't confirmed all the details, either they are providing the customer with a diluted version, Detox formula, or just misleading on the proper dosage. There are great competitors of ours that do it right and there are those just trying to capitalize on the boom of the diet itself. If you are looking to lose weight you want our hCG weight Loss Formula. The Detox is perfect to set the stage and get rid of all the toxins in your body prior to starting the diet.

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